Work is no longer the way it used to be. Technology has started coming to the aid of people helping them focus on their work and not waste their time otherwise. ‘Time is money’, which is something that work management programmes help maintain. It’s annoying when you have to search for your boss in the office because there is an important message to be delivered. Work management programmes can be accessed through phones or tablets. They help in communicating quickly and effectively from your desk. Also, a large number of people can work on the same file while not being on the same table. Work management programmes are a smarter way to work within recent times. Work is now a child’s play with the integration of workplace service at the business houses.


Asana is a platform that allows your office colleagues to stay connected together at all times. It helps to create tasks and projects, track progress as well as making communication simpler. Managing the same project on various screens without any constant progress updates, Asana even offers an enterprise option. It consists of advanced features which are not provided unless asked for. Asana only allows 15 members to sign up for free, after which the company is expected to pay. The premium version is rated $10 per month.


You wanna? Asana!

Wrike’s Slack

Slack is the acronym for “Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge”. Wrike’s Slack integration allows six million users to manage the projects on Wrike from the chat-based interface of Slack. The app directory boasts over 150 integrations that users are able to install. It makes use of IRC- like features. They include direct messaging, chat rooms and private groups, all of which is historically based on IRC. Everything including files, conversations, and people are searchable in Slack. Slack includes third-parties as well. The major integrations of Slack are Google, Dropbox, Drive, Heroku, Trello etc. The SaaS based collaborative work management programme has around 14,000 users in 130 countries. Wrike was also in the list of the fastest growing companies in North America in 2016. The software is user-friendly and convenient. The tools that the people work on are also extremely smooth.


Cut some Slack!

Facebook Workplace

Facebook Inc.’s one year old venture, Workplace is not as well known as it’s social media and networking site. It can be accessed through any user interface like Android or iOS. With the interface similar to Facebook’s Messenger, this app is not going to cause troubles in using it. With the recent upgrade it has incorporated screen sharing which means everyone can be on the same page by not being on the same table or computer. In addition to that there is also an app for Mac and Windows PC users as well as Android phone users. Apart from that Facebook Inc. has promised to come out with a feature that allows group video chat. With this upgrade in the market, pretty sure, a lot many business meetings will start taking place online and no one will need to worry about rushing into the board rooms.


Work smart with Workplace

These three have been in quite the competition for some time now. There is also Atlassian and a work management programme by Microsoft. But with the Facebook Workplace coming up with more features and upgrades, it seems to be taking the center-stage. Workplace happens to steal the show with the new feature that will include group video chats. Everybody seems to be coming up with almost the same kind of features. But the group video chat is the only thing that stands alone and giving a tough fight to the other two contenders. So work hard and work smart with the right tools in your hand.