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We are much obliged to you for your enthusiasm for feature writing with the Technowize, one of the most premier media brands in the world. We work with a wide range of freelancers, from newbies with an amazing storyline, to long- time professionals. Likewise, we cover a comprehensive sphere of subjects, technology, reviews, innovation, resources, and technical business. Our blogs, social media, and newsletters provide a content-rich reading experience packed with interesting views and comment on the issues of the day affecting the technology community. We inspire readers and users to think beyond traditional boundaries, lead conversations and create the future of technology.

We possess a unique editorial vision towards Technology related matters. We dedicate ourselves to editorial excellence, livid aesthetics and powerful views and comments on everything related to latest technology. We are innovative, digitally oriented magazine with a unique editorial vision towards pioneering stories across various aspects of technology such as hardware, design, apps & software, privacy, gadgets, cloud, big data, tech events and enterprise businesses. In the world of new business thinking, Technowize is considered as a trusted source for in-depth reviews and features on what’s new in the tech community along with the latest news, features, blogs and newsletters on all that is leading in the world of technology. We search for stories at the crossing point of Technology, Business in Technology, Gadget Reviews, Resources, and Latest Technology News— which implies a lot of chance for you to pitch us a story.


Technowize always welcomes new writers with latest tech knowledge, a keen interest in technical writing, technical expertise, and the capacity to clarify convoluted ideas effectively. We are looking for writers who are enthusiastic, imaginative, unique, and exemplary in their writing skills. They will receive a great opportunity to get published on a popular platform like Technowize. In synopsis, we’re more intrigued by your thoughts, mastery, and interests.

Technowize editorial board guides you along to help ensure that your articles are attractive and eventually effective, yet the first phase of that procedure must be for us to catch wind of your ideas–not for you to hear about ours.

With a couple of exemptions, our stories are long frame elements, running 500-1,600 words. They’re story-driven, with careful reporting and a clear arc.

An excellent way to find out what interests us is to briefly checkout what we have been doing before, by going through our wide range of articles and our features page.

The style of writing that we prefer can be clearly reflected in following articles:

Profiled news on NASA, Algorithm, Raspberry Pi, Black Hat Editing, and many more to browse through.

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If you think you and your story are perfect at Technowize, great! We would love to have a look at it. Give us an insight in your article. A paragraph would be more than enough to hook us, but go on, take your time and write a feature length article that should preferably run between 500 to 1,500 words mentioning the original fact-check. Give real and clear arguments inoffensive to the product or person you are writing about, which is interesting, and bold enough to please the audience. Be sure to proof read your article for any probable mistakes. Remember, your article is going to be read by top industry influencers, thought leaders, top executives and more.

The more articulate and efficient your article is, the easier it will be for our team to get back to you immediately with few intelligent remarks.

If you are already an established author or academic we are interested in collaborating with you. For more information please see our guest blogger application page.

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