WWDC Day 1 highlights consist of incremental upgrades for operating systems for the TV, Mac, Watch, and iPhone. Along with these upgrades, WWDC major announcements revolved around the release of iOS 10, Siri, and iMessage for developers.

WWDC Day 1 Highlights

Apple CEO Tim Cook Addressing Keynote

WWDC Major Announcements – Day 1

  1. Siri Available for Desktop
  2. Apple Pay Available for Safari
  3. New Notifications for iOS
  4. New Lock Screen Interaction for iOS
  5. Faster Command Center for Apple Watch

WWDC Day 1 Highlights – Roundup

The WWDC keynote is a wrap, but don’t worry if you’ve missed it. We have a roundup of WWDC day 1 highlights. Every important segment you need to know is available here in a recap.


  • New iPad App to help kids learn to code.

The Swift Playground is an important application developed by Apple. It will boost the interests of children to learn to code. Already companies like Fisher Price is involved in manufacturing games that can direct kids’ interest into the world of coding and now Apple is planning to do the same. Apple was proud to introduce the youngest developer in the world during its World Wide Developers Conference 2016. The company plans to pay attention towards the early age development of coding skills in children.


  • OS – X is now macOS and the iteration will be referred as Sierra.

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference also marked the introduction of a revamped Mac OS – X. It will be now known as macOS. The iteration will of macOS will be regarded as Sierra.


  • Apple Pay is now available on Safari.

Apple Pay takes a huge leap as it crosses its boundaries and arrives on Safari. In the time period where payment services like Google Pay and Samsung Pay are giving tough competition to Apple Pay, such move ensures the dominance of Apple Pay in leading global markets.


  • Faster Speed
  • Dock Feature
  • Control Center
  • Quick Reply Buttons Equipped With Pre-Written Responses
  • Scribble – Handwriting Support App
  • SOS mode – For Emergencies to Call 911
  • Minnie Mouse as a Watch Face
  • Health Apps – Wheelchair-Friendly Mode and Breath Meditation Program

Apple Watch has been good, but let’s admit that after the introduction of other wearables in the market, it became a little boring. Apple Watch is considered as the leading player in the market of wearables, it can certainly not afford to fade or get boring. This is why Apple came up with significant upgrades in the Apple Watch, which has made Apple Watch an exciting wearable to go for once again. It’s faster in speed and sports an attractive design.


  • Raise and Wake Feature
  • Redesign for Music and Maps
  • New notifications
  • 3D Touch Upgrade

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  • Features clear sections
  • Supports Subscriptions


  • Redesigned Feature
  • Discover Playlist Feature


  • Ride Booking and Restaurant Reservation Available on Maps
  • Supported by Apple Pay


  • Bigger Emojis
  • Specific Keywords Turned into Emojis
  • Animated Effects – Confetti, Balloons, and Strobe Lights

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  • Facial Recognition Feature


  • Remote App
  • Single Sign-On Mode


  • Revamped Design and Features
  • Available on Mac desktops