The XP Pen Pro 24 tool is one notch higher to level up the photo editing experience. It is a high-resolution pen display for photo editors. The pen is priced at $675. A considerable large pen display like the XP-Pen Pro 24 gives a person all the advantages of using a pen tablet and a super-enhanced color-accurate monitor together. Users can directly edit on the photograph and engage in a full-on user editing experience and precision. The primary difference in using a graphics display for photo editing is that it makes the process much more comfortable.

XP Pen Pro: Structure

The pen has a plastic build, but that doesn’t mean it is fragile. The keys are efficient to function with solid scroll wheels that give a pleasant tactile response. There are touch-sensitive buttons on the top of the display screen to access Menu and Power. The pen also has a super-adjustable stand along with the display, with which one can align the angle of the Artist Pro from flat to a vertical direction.  The device makes the editing experience enjoyable, too- it is faster, more interactive, and one can quickly draw on the image.

Everything you need to know about XP Pen pro 24 qualities

XP Pen Pro 24: Display

The Pro 24’s QHD/2K display is great to use on any device and requires only a slight Gamma adjustment for perfect use.  The display is laminated, which means the display and the touch screen are strongly bonded together to reduce the distance between them. As such, the user can put the pen exactly where they want to edit.

XP Pen: Performance

In terms of performance, the XP Pen gives efficient performance and is the gold standard.

The battery is great too as it gives tens of hours of usage.

XP Pen Pro 24 Review: Customization

Everything you need to know about XP Pen pro 24 qualities

The most significant factor about the XP Pen Pro 24 is the customization. Both the device’s sides have ten customizable “express keys” that can be used for various functions and a mechanical click wheel toggle between them.

The express keys are meant to toggle between macros and Photoshop tools like Undo, Brush/Eraser toggle, Pen Tool, New Layer, Hand Tool, and a Click Wheel toggle. The click wheel can set the Brush Size by default action, and an immediate press on the toggle key switches the function to Zoom, Rotate, and then Layer select feature.

The XP Pen also has additional features for the users. First is the USB hub with two USB-A ports that can connect to a mouse or hard drive or charge their phone while editing. Secondly, the pen can be efficiently tilted to a staggering 60 degrees. This makes the device useful to draw and paint.

Everything you need to know about XP Pen pro 24 qualities

XP Pen Pro: Overall Editing Experience

The quantum of features makes the XP Pen Pro 24 an excellent editing device that can make the user addicted. It is explicitly designed to make the photo editing experience much enjoyable for all.