Do you experience YouTube not working issues? The reasons for this problem might be numerous and you should check a few things before you give up from opening YouTube and watching favorite videos

Here are a few steps to do when wondering about how to fix YouTube not working issues. Keep reading to find out more.

Check the Global Outage

If you ask yourself a question “Is YouTube down?” you should check this on the internet. Sometimes, there is an outage in specific countries and areas, and you should know more about these global changes. 

You can check if YouTube is down on the official YouTube Twitter account, or you can visit some of the websites, like Downdetector. On the mentioned website, you can find out if YouTube is down in your area.  

Another good way to find out about the outage is to go to Google News and type in “YouTube outage” or “YouTube down”. In this manner, you can find out if there is an outage in some countries or selected areas. 

how to fix YouTube not working

Good YouTube working videos are now possible with easy how-to-fix steps.

YouTube Not Working on Android

If YouTube is not working on your Android device, you should take the following steps:

1. Update the operating system by going to the Settings and selecting System update or Software update

2. If there is a new version available, update the phone and install the latest version of the software

If these steps do not solve the issue and you still face the same YouTube not working on Android problems, you should update YouTube app. Do it this way:

1. Go to the Play Store and tap the Profile icon. 

2. You will see the Manage apps and device option. Tap on it and if there is an Update pending solution, choose it and update the relevant information. 

In this manner, your Android phone will update the relevant version of the YouTube app on your phone. 

Connection Troubles 

Sometimes, you cannot access YouTube because of internet connection troubles. To solve this issue, you should go to Settings, and then tap on Connections. You should then turn on and off Flight mode. This should refresh your internet connection and you might be able to access YouTube. 

If this does not help, you should completely refresh the network by following these steps:

1. Go to Settings

2. Access the General Management option

3. Tap on Reset and then Reset Network Settings 

Clear the app’s cache and data

If you have been using the YouTube app for a long time, there is a chance that huge amounts of cache and data have been causing problems. You may not be able to open the YouTube app or you may be facing YouTube not playing videos issues. 

In the app history, cache deleting usually deletes temporary data, while the data deleting removes all app data, including a different range of settings. 

To clear cache and data on Android, do the following steps:

1. Go to the Settings option 

2. Open Apps & Notifications 

3. Click on See All Apps and click on YouTube 

4. Then tap on Storage & Cache 

5. Tap on Clear Cache and also select Clean Storage

By removing cache and data from your YouTube app, you clean all of the built-up data that may interact with your YouTube app. In this way, you create a clean surrounding for the app, and after this action, your YouTube should work again. 

Final Words 

Now when you know how to fix YouTube not working issues, you can apply some of the mentioned steps and solve the YouTube issues. 

We all need a YouTube app on our phones or in the browser. It is now possible to have good-working YouTube videos so that we can enjoy the world of some great videos.