There are currently many reports of sudden failures of Apple HomePods for both the beta and the current version of the software.

One of the most common complaints is overheating and in some cases, the HomePod even completely powers down. Interactions with Apple TV and stereo operations are also facing trouble.

There is a thread in Reddit advising users not to install betas — particularly HomePod betas — on primary devices. This is very problematic as there is no way to easily revert to a previous HomePod Software build if you face issues.

Apple HomePod Beta

“I advise to unplug anyone of your HomePods that are hot on top leading to your logic board failing or have the issue on audio os 15 where Siri can’t pause music when it is playing music, touching the top will only skip it,” the original poster wrote.

The latest reports are of complete failures with HomePod speakers. Many of the error messages are related to the beta version of the HomePod 15 software, but version 14.6 is also said to cause problems.

One user who operates 19 Apple speakers has elaborated on Reddit, “6 of them are on the beta version and the others on 14.6. As of today, 7 no longer work.” The user ’s experience gives credence to many such reports that— the failures seem to occur very frequently when the HomePods are selected as the default speakers for Apple TV or are operated in stereo mode.

There has been a sharp increase in error messages with the 14.6 and beta version 15, and it is clear that it is a pure software problem. Another problem is that there are no hopes that Apple will soon take care of the issue officially. In 2019, a bug in the HomePod software led to no recourse but to ultimately replace the devices.

Under the terms and conditions of Apple’s beta software program, the company isn’t liable for any damages resulting from a beta, so damage to a HomePod isn’t covered under warranty. Apple generally allows beta testing for its products for both developers and users before the updates are released. For the HomePod, such betas are restricted. And as the HomePod’s beta program isn’t technically a public initiative, only invited users can install an AppleSeed beta, though leaked versions are available on Google search.

This is also not the first time users have complained about issues with HomePod and Apple Music. Earlier, Siri reported errors in finding songs and before that, the HomePod could not correctly count songs played. These issues with Apple Music on HomePod also come amid a myriad of issues for Apple’s cloud services.