WhatApp’s group invitation feature has long been a subject of abuse. Many of us have been dragged into annoying group conversations without permission. And in some cases, the admin leaves their group after passing the information they wish to publicize. This nonsense has come to an end. WhatsApp new feature included in the latest update allows you to prevent users from adding you to group chats without permission from you.

Whatsapp started rolling out the new update – currently accessible by some users – today. The Whatsapp group chat privacy update would be available for all users within the next few weeks. But you can check manually to see if your available update includes the Whatsapp new feature by simply updating your WhatsApp to the latest version.

How to block others from adding you to WhatsApp groups

Launch WhatsApp on your phone, and tap on the app Settings, select Accounts > Privacy and tap on groups. The options available at the privacy option should include an option to first receive a notification from users adding you to a Whatsapp group before the process can be successful, on your approval. The category of users on the list includes:

  • Anyone: This option allows anyone to add you to Whatsapp groups without sending you approval notification
  • My Contact: This option implies that only those on your contact can add you to a WhatsApp group chat without your approval
  • Nobody: This option prevents all users from adding you to a group without your approval

If you want to receive consent from every user adding you to a WhatsApp group chat, in other words, you must choose whether to approve all additions to groups or not, your option is “Nobody.”

WhatsApp will give users until three days to either accept or reject the invitation. Otherwise, the invite will expire automatically after this period.

WhatsApp has recently beefed up security features of the voice and messaging platform. Users have the option to prevent people, not on their contact list, from seeing their profile photo, last seen and status. It makes a lot of sense if users also adopt the same feature for WhatsApp group chats. Other interesting features like Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode, fingerprint authentication for Android, and dark mode are expected to be available later this year.

Privacy is more important, especially in some regions where this infringement has become a medium to spread false information or propaganda. It allows users to have more control over their sources of information. Aside from strangers, this new setting can also allow you to stay away from toxic friends from college and provoking group conversations with your extended family.