The Legend of Dragoon, which happens to be a cult classic, is all set to make a dramatic comeback. Along with a couple of PlayStation Classics, this combat game too, is staging a grand return. It has been learnt that this sensational action-adventure game from the yesteryears, will be made available for gamers from this month itself.  

For the uninitiated, The Legend of Dragon remains one of the smash-hits of all time in the history of Sony’s Playstation. It was way back in 1999 when this role-playing game made its dream debut in North America, following its subsequent release in Europe next year. 

The action-packed adventure game was originally developed by the erstwhile Japan Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It must be noted that Japan Studio, which has now ceased to exist (Sony decided to shut shop two and a half years back), was one of the oldest first-party developers at PlayStation. It has some blockbuster series like Ape Escape and Gravity Rush in its kitty.

Therefore, taking all these aspects into consideration, it goes without saying that The Legend of Dragoon belongs to a different class of its own and comes with a rich legacy. We must acknowledge its widespread popularity, which has only grown over the years and has given birth to a separate fandom altogether with dedicated fan following across the world. 

Let’s delve deeper with the story to figure out what it exactly means for gamers, what to expect and every single important detail around this phenomenal title. 

PlayStation Classics

Gamers can play this fantasy-filled adventure saga that involves magical combat and intense action that unleashes an adrenaline overdose, in the ‘PlayStation Premium | Classics’ segment. [Image Credit: Wikipedia]

The Legend of Dragoon: A Legendary Comeback 

It has been reported that in a bid to pump in some spice to the excitement, Sony has decided to bring back some superhit games – a blast from the past, as you may call it. The power player in the global gaming industry has decided to introduce a host of classic games under the category PlayStation Classics. 

This is indeed a well-thought move on the part of Sony, as it evokes nostalgia for many of us who grew up playing these beautifully crafted games. It also gives the rare chance to Gen Z, who are crazy about recent games, to experience some of the cult classics in the history of virtual games in general, not just Sony PlayStation, like The Legend of Dragoon itself. 

For those who haven’t played the game before, it’s a magnificent tale of fantasy, deception, magical combat and retribution as you team up with swordsman Dart and his close aides to harness the spiritual forces of Dragons and triumph over evil. 

Your task cut out remains using a unique and innovative tactical combat system, transform into Dragoons and unleash extraordinary powers. The game is certainly a hard nut to crack as you have to control a wide variety of characters that wield unique weapons and Dragoon attacks powered by the elements in this remarkable role-playing game. 

What’s New? 

  • Up-rendering
  • Rewind
  • Quick save
  • Custom video filters

Gamers can play this fantasy-filled adventure saga that involves magical combat and intense action that unleashes an adrenaline overdose, in the ‘PlayStation Premium | Classics’ segment. To the utter excitement of the game nerds, there are some other intriguing titles too, like, Wild Arms 2 (PS1), Harvest Moon: Back to Nature (PS1) and Destroy All Humans! (PS4). 

Therefore, after almost two decades of its arrival on PS1, The Legend of Dragoon takes the center stage once again. Going by the reports and the information released by Sony so far, it can be fairly summed up that it’s going to become live on as early as February 21. 

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Stay tuned as we will get back to you shortly with more exclusive updates from the world of gaming. Till then, play along. Have a good time with The Legend of Dragoon. Happy gaming!