Having access to the best journaling apps for iPhone, iPad, and Mac is like equipping yourself for greater success. You can lose a great idea forever due to short-term memory, but not if it’s committed to paper. Keeping a journal is imperative to achieving very efficient IQ, evoking mindfulness, increasing self-confidence, creativity and to improve your comprehension.

Until the introduction of journaling apps for iPhone and iPad, people rely on notebooks to write down their daily goals and ideas. That limited productivity; impeding seamless access to journaling in varied moods and placing barriers between critical ideas and its efficient development.

Journaling Apps for iPhone and iPad

The best journaling apps for iOS provide a coherent world where capacity is a question of availability. There is no form of limitation. From your living space, where you can use journaling apps for Mac, to your commutes where the best journaling apps for iPhone and iPad are paramount, you can always monitor your achievements and create new ideas into your journal entries. However, some of the top journaling apps for iOS have special features that can increase your productivity in unique areas.

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Best Journaling Apps for iPhone, iPad and Mac

To make up this list, we considered the unique features of top journaling apps in Apple Store for productivity criteria such as syncing, interface, security and supported files.

1.  Day One

Day One is one of the top journaling apps with lots of hype and its living up to it! As an award-winning app with a neat interface, the standard it has set in soft journaling will be rare to beat by any app in that category. The load time is negligible and Day One allows users to create multiple journal entries on the same day, make choice of font, style and security [passcodes]. It has reminders and automatically updates user’s location and weather information. Day One has provision for tags, photos and a searching option. Entries can be exported as PDF (optional) and the app has approximately error-free synching via iCloud between different iOS devices.

 Day One Pricing: Free/$34.99 per year for premium features

Journaling Apps Day One

Day One Preview

2. Chronicle

Chronicle is another fully-packed journaling app. It enables users to choose the font style, and sizes just like in iBooks; add an unlimited number of photos in a journal entry and permit multiple journal entries in the same day. Photos can be edited; resize or rotate, entries can be back-dated in case you need to fix it with past dates and be exported in form of PDF or as a plain text file. Chronicle supports keyboard extension with extras, fast search using keywords, optimized scrolling, passcodes and auto-save/undo icon. It supports backup via Dropbox and iCloud syncing.

Chronicle Pricing: $2.99 per month

Journaling Apps Chronicle

Chronicle Preview

3. Journey

This journaling app has been dubbed Day One alternative by many, but the app has its own unique features. Journeyworks on virtually all devices and seamlessly supports synching to Google Drive, exports in different formats, password protection and imports of entries from other journaling apps such as Day One. Journey can accept up to 4 videos or images, it has streamlined interface with a negligible load time and a dark mode feature. One shortcoming of this journaling app is lack of reminders in desktops.

Journal Pricing: $3.99 per month or $29.99 per year.

Journaling Apps -Journey

Journey Preview

4. Penzu

Penzu is the best journaling app in a blog-like environment. It makes journaling look like blog posts with WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface for word processing. You can lock different journals with a password, add photos, customize journal covers, add apps and encrypt your journals. It also supports unlimited journaling, synch journals via iCloud and features a search tool.

Penzu Pricing: Free/starting from $19.99 per year for premium features

Journaling Apps-Penzu

Penzu Preview

5. Grid Diary

The easiest way to get started with keeping a journal is to use Grid Diary. It makes journaling very easy by asking users 8 basic questions daily which are laid out in a grid form. The app features reminders, syncing to Dropbox or iCloud, passcode lock, text formatting and entry export to other apps.

Grid Diary Pricing: Free/ $4.99/month

Journaling Apps-Grid-Diary

Grid Diary Preview

6. Momento

Posting events in your life on social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter may mean keeping records but Momento journaling app will help you to do more. You can bring all your social media posts together according to their dates and well arranged like a journal using this app and also make new entries or editions to improve the information.

Momento Pricing: Free/ $3.99 for premium features

Journaling Apps Momento

Momento Preivew

7. Five Minute Journal

Five minute journal is as simple as its name. It makes journaling almost effortless by asking you just a few questions in the morning and evening which requires little time to complete. The tech app supports one photo for an entry and exports to PDF.

Five Minute Journal Pricing: $4.99 per month

Journaling Apps Five-Minute-Journal

Five Minute Journal Preview

8. My Wonderful Days

My Wonderful Days journaling app provides a lot of features. It’s a great app to also monitor your happiness statistics; you can check graphs of your happiness and star special days. It automatically syncs data via iCloud, supports air print, full-text formatting, passcodes, and media addition.

My Wonderful Days Pricing: $9.99 per month

Journaling Apps My-Wonderful-Days

My Wonderful Days Preview

9. MacJournal

MacJournal is one of the oldest and most popular journaling apps for iOS devices. The interface is clean and the app has most of the features required for journaling, including bullet/numbering listing. It can also send entries to Facebook and Twitter.

MacJournal Pricing:$1.99 per month

Journaling Apps MacJournal

MacJournal Preview

10. Draft 5

Draft 5 is a great journaling environment to capture thoughts and ideas quickly. It enables different writing modes which can be customized. As a simple journaling app, only entries are captured and the interface is quite clean. Draft supports file extension, import, capture via Siri and dictation.

Draft 5 Pricing:$1.99 per month or $19.99 per year

Journaling Apps Draft-5

Draft-5 Preview