Headphone lovers prioritize some exceptional qualities while looking out for a headphone. They include the headphone’s ability to pair quickly, sound quality, battery life and how comfortable it feels on the ears. Apple showed no compromise in trying to satisfy those obsessed with quality headphones and the company has proved a point with Apple Powerbeat Pro – it’s first ever product since acquiring Beats by Dre in late 2014.

dr dre powerbeats

Apple designed this new Powerbeats Pro as an upgrade of the Beats by Dre on two basic features: sound and comfort. They are a success, the perfect earbuds for work out sessions and will never fall off your ears. Though the Powerbeats Pro price – $249.95 is more expensive than that of the Apple’s simpler AirPods at $159.99, the sound is much better than that of the AirPods, and the battery lasts almost twice as long on a single charge. After over a week of testing, for me, the Powerbeats Pro is leading the line and has set a new standard for true wireless headphones.

It’s true: Apple hate wires

The Powerbeats Pro is a fully wireless earbud, in other words, both the left and the right side of the earbuds sit solely on their own having no connection between them. The same Apple’s proprietary H1 chip and the Bluetooth 5.0 found in the AirPods were used to build the new earbuds. And it offers you a step further to the kind of fast pairing features you get from the iOS and iCloud sync across your Apple devices. That means it’s easy to use with other devices aside Apples.

The carrying case size is really robust, substantial and can contain about four AirPods cases. What’s inside? The case contains the Powerbeats Pro and a battery for doubling the earphones’ running time. Although the new Powerbeats may not be that colorful, the design is subtly brilliant and very comfortable. It could be disappointing to people living a vibrant life; there are no reds, purples, or oranges. The Powerbeats Pro is only available in Black, Ivory, Moss, and Navy. The crossbar housing the batteries on each side of the bud is still there but integrated more stylishly into the hard stem that goes around the back of the ear.

powerbeats pro by dr dre

Part of the bud that wraps around the ears has been softened subtly to improve comfort, given that it’s a highly sensitive part of the earbud. There are also additional three ear tip designs alongside the one on the Powerbeats Pro. The rubber cover ensures your comfort and also helpful in sound isolation. Putting them on and off for the first couple of times might be challenging, however, with the time you will get over it to enjoy the special offer from the Apple Powerbeats Pro

On each of the bud, you will find physical power buttons and playback controls. You can also use the circular Beats by Dre logo for play, pause, forward, reverse and for calls. The handy designs and the fitting external shape make the Powerbeats Pro a bit classier and appear vastly more coherent than the AirPods.

powerbeats pro dr dre

Apple Powerbeats Pro battery life is a new standard

After a single charge, you get a battery life of nine hours even with constant and full sounds. This duration beats Apple’s second-generation AirPods time span of five hours impressively. There is even a possibility of getting a bit above 24 hours of battery life with the aid of the case that can charge the Powerbeats Pro many times. But you must be ready to carry a Lightning cable around for extra charge on the go. Apple could improve this by offering a Wireless or USB-C charging in the next Powerbeats Pro generation. The earbuds design is such that they can conserve power brilliantly. When you take them off momentarily, the earbuds detects that and goes into idle mode until when you re-fix them on your ears.

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Truly if you log in to Amazon or AliExpress, you will see true wireless earbuds that will cost you just $30 or even lesser. But when you consider that none of those earbuds can match the design refinement, sound quality, stability, fit and wireless performance of the Powerbeats Pro, you will understand that the $250 asking price is worth the spend. Understandably, Apple delayed the Powerbeats Pro release date for just a long time but seeing the product now, you will agree with me that it is worth the wait.