We know that for so many people, their phones are really important to them. Whether it’s a good old-fashioned flip phone or a newfangled smart device, your phone is the first thing you grab when you roll out of bed in the morning and the last thing you look at before you hit the hay at night. And we know that if you’re moving around like us that means your phone might be covered in germs.

But don’t worry — there’s an easy way to keep those germs under control! UV phone sanitizers are designed specifically for phones, so they can effectively kill 99% of bacteria and viruses on your device. They’re perfect for keeping your device clean and germ-free (and therefore keeping your smartphone from becoming a petri dish).

So whether you’ve been meaning to get one of these little gems for yourself or someone else on your list — or you want to learn more about how UV sanitizers work — we’ve got everything you need to know right here!

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If you’ve been around the block a few times, you’ve probably heard of UV phone sanitizers. But what are they, exactly? Are they safe for all phones? And do they actually work? We’ve got all the answers.

What is a UV Phone Sanitizer?

A UV phone sanitizer is a device that uses ultraviolet (UV) light to kill germs and bacteria on your phone. It’s like a mini-sunbeam that kills germs and leaves your phone clean and germ-free.

Who should use a UV phone sanitizer?

Anyone who wants their phone to be as clean as possible should use a UV phone sanitizer occasionally. If you’re sick or have a compromised immune system, it’s especially important to make sure that everything in contact with your skin is clean — including your smartphone! A UV phone sanitizer will keep your phone free from harmful germs and bacteria so that you can continue going about your daily life without worrying about spreading anything to yourself or others around you.

Is UV sterilizer safe for phones?

UV phone cleaners have been confirmed safe to use for your devices. Many reports even recommend including your other small accessories, such as your keys or smart watch. Some of these sanitizers work as wireless chargers, so you can as well charge your phone while it goes through the cleaning process.

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The Best UV Phone Sanitizers

Deciding on which cell phone sanitizer would work best for you and your phone can be a hassle. However, we have selected a few of our top picks that you can buy for your mobile devices.

PhoneSoap 3 

This is one of the best phone sanitizers that has been reported to have a simple method of use. Although there’s no wireless charging, you can simply plug in your charger to charge your phone while it cleans.

Mophie Sanitizer

One of the best phone sanitizers provides wireless charging and room for your phone to stay still while it does the job. You can also figure out the process of sanitizing since there’s a sound it makes once the process begins. It’s one of the best UV phone sanitizers and we highly recommend it.

Splash UV Elite Sanitizer

Another best phone sanitizer is the Splash UV Elite, which comes in handy for anyone who wishes to clean all their other small accessories along with their phones at the same time. It also offers wireless charging, but in order to charge, you have to place your phone and other devices inside it. You can also charge 2-3 devices at the same time with this device.


You’ve probably heard of UV phone sanitizers by now. The idea is simple since you have to place your phone in the sanitizer, which emits UV light and kills germs on your phone’s screen. It sounds like a simple solution, but there are a few things you should know before you give one a try.